The old building may yet be seen amid later construction, which surrounds the original store edifice.It is reported that in the old days, an honor system was used whereby the weary traveler would help himself to food and drink, and leave his payment for the owner to later pickup at his leisure. All such owners have since faded away. For over 50 years this area has been well known, with the Cow Palace Restaurant & Bar as one of the principal attractions. In later years, many movies were filmed in the area including, The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing, Pray for the Wildcat, Tin Cup, The Postman and Boys on the Side. As a result, the Cow Palace was frequented by John Wayne and many other stars who famous faces now grace the bar.

The Cow Palace

28802 S Nogales Hwy,

Amado, AZ 85645

Phone. 520-398-8000